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The Hague: brīvdienu mājokļu īre

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The Hague: augstāk novērtētie brīvdienu mājokļi

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"de Beverningk "
īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums · 2 viesi · 1 gulta · 1 vannasistaba

"de Beverningk "Studija ar privātu aprīkojumu, piemēram, virtuvi un dušas/tualetes kombināciju skaistajā Statenkwartier, pastaigas attālumā no ostas Scheveningen un pludmales ar ap stūri mājīgs iepirkšanās iela "de Fred "ar daudziem veikaliem un ēdināšanas iespējām . Labi sabiedriskā transporta savienojumi.

Pludmales dzīvoklis ar džakuzi un saulaino balkonu.
daudzdzīvokļu māja – viss īpašums · 3 viesi · 3 gultas · 1 vannasistaba

Pludmales dzīvoklis ar džakuzi un saulaino balkonu.Māja atrodas kāpās un mežos, kas ieskauj Duindorpu ar jūru 400 metru attālumā. Tuvumā ir daudz dažādu veikalu. Ir arī Scheveningse Haven ar mājīgām kafejnīcām un labiem restorāniem. Dzīvoklis atrodas tieši blakus un paveras skats uz Westduinpark. Kreisajā pusē Poot krūmi, labajā - kāpas un jūra. Hāgas centrs, Švakarenes bulvāris un Kijkduin atrodas riteņbraukšanas attālumā.

Mājīga studija netālu no pludmales un centra
dzīvojamā ēka – viss īpašums · 2 viesi · 2 gultas · 1 vannasistaba

Mājīga studija netālu no pludmales un centraOur cosy studio has been created to enjoy a pleasant stay. With two free bikes it is possible to go either to the city center or the beach in 10 minutes. In the direct area you will find a nice variety of restaurants, retailers and a supermarket.

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The Hague: populāras brīvdienu mājokļu papildērtības

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The Hague: citi lieliski brīvdienu mājokļi

  1. kalnu namiņš – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Atsevišķs namiņš plašā pilsētas dārzā netālu no centra
  1. lofts – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Studio in Scheveningen, close to harbour and beach
  1. Atsevišķa istaba
  2. Den Haag
Liela istaba mājā Scheveningen Beach 400m
  1. viesu numurs – viss īpašums
  2. Rijswijk
Atmosfērisks dzīvoklis ar savu virtuvi
  1. īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Modern studio central The Hague with terrace
  1. lofts – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Pastaiga pa krastmalu no ostas sānu dizaina lofta
  1. īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Modern studio with in the city center of The Hague
  1. daudzdzīvokļu māja – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Rooftop apartment, free bikes, close to the beach!
  1. īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Plašs, gaišs, svaigs, jūra, pludmale, mežs, burvīgs
  1. lofts – viss īpašums
  2. Den Haag
Stilīgs industriālais lofts netālu no pludmales un pilsētas centra
  1. Sīkmājiņa
  2. Monster
" Atmosfēras viesu nams pie jūras"
  1. dzīvojamā ēka – viss īpašums
  2. Hoek van Holland
Large and cozy townhouse close to the beach & sea

The Hague – galvenais, ko apskatīt un pieredzēt

Unique activities hosted by local experts vetted for quality

  • The Hague Bike Experience
    I will be your guide on a bike tour of around 25 km (approx. 15.5 miles) during which I will show you the city. The Hague is the seat of the Dutch government and residence of the Royal family; it is known as the international city of peace and justice and as a green city with lots of wonderful nature. We start at 11:00 a.m. and finish at 14:30 p.m. at the point of departure. On the tour you will see historical buildings, the buildings of Parliament, the Royal palace, foreign embassies, museums, parks, the beach and the harbor. Many of these places are already part of my life from childhood. The pace will be around 8-10km (5-6 miles) per hour and there will be plenty of opportunity for photos. About halfway, I offer you lunch and drinks at my home which gives you the opportunity to recover for the second half of your tour, ask any questions you would like and learn a little more about life in The Hague. A bike tour is one of the best ways I could think of to experience The Hague. The Netherlands is a paradise for bikers and The Hague is no exception. The majority of the tour will be on separate bike paths and quiet streets and the route is almost flat. If my tour is not open on the date you would like to book and for any questions or requests, please contact me.
    No Cena:€59 par personu
  • Explore National Park Hollandse Duinen
    We shall meet at a suitable point, depending on where you are coming from or are staying in The Hague. From there, I shall drive you to the dunes. The dunes surrounding The Hague are part of the National Park Hollandse Duinen. We shall have a walk of around 2 - 2.5 hours (8.0 kilometers / 5.0 miles) through this gorgeous landscape. The dunes offer a wide variety of vegetation and wildlife. Our route shall be partly on paved roads but for the greater part on sand. Here and there we need to climb the dunes. During the tour I will tell you about the history of this area as well as its importance both as a defense against the sea and as a source of our drinking water in this area. If we are lucky, we may encounter some of the larger wildlife roaming around in this area such as Konik horses, Galloway cows, deer and foxes. After we have finished our walk, I will drive you back to the meeting point. Please contact me regarding any questions or in case your desired date is not open in the calendar. Please contact me about any modifications or special wishes to customize your experience.
    No Cena:€49 par personu
  • Songwriting with Award-winning Producer
    Together we are going to co-write a song from scratch and then we’re going to record (demoing) our fresh song in our recording studio. No experience required! It’s ok if you can’t play an instrument. What you bring along: Ideas for what you like to write about. Maybe some catchy songtitles. Try to write a poem of at least 16 lines. If you're able to write a Lyric, that's fine as well. It's OK to bring your own instrument. Pen and paper, or laptop, iPad or phone to write down, or hum, your lyric ideas. We have an acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bass guitar and piano in the house. What we will learn: - Co-write a song and all within a short timeframe of 3 hours. - Studio experience, by recording your vocals, or instrument, in our new COVID-19 proof vocal booth. - We record the basic song idea, so maynly 2 tracks, the chords and the melody (.. because that's all we can do in a short timeframe). - If you're interested, you can pickup some awesome sound-engineering tips from Ron. After our song has been recorded, I’ll do a quick mix for you to take home so you can play the song for your family and friends. How awesome! You have written your very own song!! Other things to note Allergy alert: We have a cat! Her name is Fara. She loves people and children, all good, but she is a problem cat from the animal shelter and attacks other animals that comes into the house big or small. So no dogs in or around the house. We have air conditioning. Wheelchair accessible house.
    No Cena:€85 par personu
  • Delft: the city of orange and blue
    Winter, spring, summer or fall. Delft surprises you all year round! The city walks of Do DELFT are informative, sometimes practical. But always relaxed and welcoming. We stroll through the streets, along the canals and royal squares. Wondering why the tower of the Old Church is so lopsided? Want to know why the Delft pottery is blue? And which royal highnesses are in the Royal vault? The guides of Do DELFT know and ofcourse they will tell you! The tour ends after 90 minutes. It will be your best introduction to the city! On request, you can conclude the walk with a visit to the New Church, the main attraction of Delft. Our guide explains in the church and the entrance ticket is included. Extra costs are 7 euros per person. Other things to note Some days before our walk, I will contact you to inform you about the latest details. I offer my guiding services also in Dutch and German.
    No Cena:€18 par personu
  • Прогулка по Гааге c архитектором
    В 2021 году Бинненхоф закрывается на реставрацию на 5,5 лет. Я хочу вам рассказать о предстоящей реставрации, об истории и архитектуре Биннехофа. Бинненхоф является центром политической жизни в Голландии уже много веков и является старейшим парламентским комплексом в Европе, ему 800 лет. В комплексе Биннехоф располагаются Генеральные штаты (парламент Нидерландов), Сенат, кабинет премьер-министра Марка Рютте, Риддерзаал, Государственный совет Нидерландов, Министерство по общим вопросам Нидерландов, а также королевская картинная галерея Маурицхёйс. Во время нашей прогулки по комплексу Бинненхоф я вам расскажу о современной политической жизни Голландии, познакомлю с историей принятия конституции. Расскажу о важных исторических событиях и видных политических деятелях и об исторической связи России и Голландии. Я вам покажу место казней и пыток, известную тюрьму, которая сейчас является музеем. Расскажу о самом страшном и жутком событии которое потрясло всю Европу и является самым темным пятном в истории Голландии. Продолжим мы прогулку к Королевской галереи Маурицхёйс, где висит знаменитая картина Яна Вермеера «Девушка с жемчужной серёжкой», ее называют голландской Моной Лизой. Я вам покажу где жила королева Нидерландов и великая герцогиня Люксембурга А́нна Па́вловна. Я вам расскажу о секретах королевской семьи и покажу где работает Ви́ллем-Алекса́ндр . Другая важная информация Во время впечатления мы общаемся на расстоянии 1.5 метра и носим маски.
    No Cena:€25 par personu

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