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Utrecht: brīvdienu mājokļu īre

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Utrecht: augstāk novērtētie brīvdienu mājokļi

Viesi piekrīt: šie mājokļi ir augstu novērtēti atrašanās vietas, tīrības un citās kategorijās.

Neliela apgaismojuma istaba Utrehtā
Atsevišķa istaba · 1 viesis · 1 gulta · 1 kopīga vannasistaba

Neliela apgaismojuma istaba UtrehtāMājīga, jauki iekārtota neliela istaba ar mākslas darbiem. Jaukā apkaimē ar veikaliem un restorāniem tuvumā. Skaists parks ap stūri. Labs bezmaksas wifi un galds, uz kura sēdēt ar klēpjdatoru. Ērts krēsls atpūtai. mikroviļņu ANS mazs ledusskapis telpā. Īsa pastaiga līdz viduslaiku pilsētas centram un mūsdienu jaunajām pilsētas daļām. Laba autobusu satiksme uz Jaarbeurs un pilsētas centru. Ērta gulta, 1,90 metri. Lielas jumta terases atpūtai.

Apburošs un kluss privāts studijas pilsētas centrs Zeist!
Viesu numurs – viss īpašums · 2 viesi · 1 gulta · 1,5 vannasistabas

Apburošs un kluss privāts studijas pilsētas centrs Zeist!Skaistajā kompaktajā studijā ar privātu ieeju un bezmaksas autostāvvietu durvju priekšā ir pludmales mājas stils, bet tad greznība ar, cita starpā, ērtu divguļamo gultu, Nespresso, iebraucamo dušu ar saules dušu ar vannas istabas apsildāmo grīdu, cepeškrāsni/mikroviļņu krāsni, ūdens aukstumu, ledusskapi, Philips Ambilight smart TV un viedo gaismu, ko var pārvērst baltā krāsā dažādos krāsu toņos. Brokastis/pusdienas var baudīt tuvējos restorānos. Pastaigas attālumā atrodas arī vairāki lielveikali.

Liels dzīvoklis ar virtuvi, dušu un tualeti
Īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums · 2 viesi · 2 gultas · 1 vannasistaba

Liels dzīvoklis ar virtuvi, dušu un tualetiLiels un plašs dzīvoklis. Laba virtuve ar lielu vajadzību daudzumu. Pašu duša un tualete. Klusa iela ļoti jaukā apkaimē. Daudz veikalu. Lielveikals atvērts no 8:00-22:00, pat svētdienās.

Brīvdienu mājokļu īre katrai gaumei

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Utrecht: populāras brīvdienu mājokļu papildērtības

  • Virtuve
  • Wi-Fi
  • Baseins
  • Bezmaksas stāvvieta īpašumā
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Utrecht: citi lieliski brīvdienu mājokļi

  1. Sīkmājiņa
  2. Wilnis
Sīkmājiņa pļavā - Amsterdama / Utrehta
  1. Īrēts dzīvoklis – viss īpašums
  2. Utrecht
Viegls un plašs dzīvoklis netālu no centra Utrecht
  1. Viesu nams – viss īpašums
  2. Utrecht
Cozy stylish brand new studio + free bikes
  1. Atsevišķa istaba
  2. Utrecht
No monsinjora
  1. Viesu nams – viss īpašums
  2. Utrecht
Privāta dārza māja netālu no Utrehtas centra
  1. Dzīvojamā ēka – viss īpašums
  2. IJsselstein
Charming Barnhouse near Utrecht + P
  1. Viesnīcas numurs
  2. Utrecht
Prachtige superior room in het hartje van Utrecht
  1. Kalnu namiņš – viss īpašums
  2. Tienhoven
Nature cabin, experience nature close-up
  1. Dzīvojamā ēka – viss īpašums
  2. Breukelen
Viesu nams par nekustamo īpašumu Vechtā
  1. Atsevišķa istaba
  2. Nieuwegein
Slapen op historisch vrachtschip BuitenVerwachting
  1. Viesu nams – viss īpašums
  2. Bosch en Duin
Dārza māja mežā. Utrehtas dūmos
  1. Atsevišķa istaba
  2. Utrecht
Monument 1695 Utrecht, designstudio

Utrecht – galvenais, ko apskatīt un pieredzēt

Vietējo ekspertu rīkotas unikālas pārbaudītas kvalitātes aktivitātes

  • Amsterdam Experience Cruise
    First of all we want to thank you all for choosing our experience. We are proud to announce that we have won an award from Airbnb for the most popular experience and the 3rd best Airbnb experience in the world! Besides that we received more than 75 different nationalities on board. It was also an honor to be invited by airbnb to have lunch with Nathan Blecharczyk (co-founder of Airbnb) to talk about our experience. This would never have been possible without you. Thank you dear guests Do you want to experience Amsterdam in a more authentic way? Step aboard on our beautiful large luxury sloop with enough space for everyone and discover the city like a real explorer. We’ll welcome you on our stylish boat with enough drinks and delicious Dutch snacks. We will also make a stop at the best boat catering in Amsterdam, to pick up our delicious well-known bitterballen. So lean back, relax and listen to our amazing stories about Amsterdam. (Rederij) De Wester does not just stand for a great entertainment experience, we also think it is important to have social awareness. That is why we will donate a part of your ticket to a foundation that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of premature and sick babies.
    No Cena:€48 par personu
  • Relax and Meditate in quiet Amsterdam
    Join me for an individual body and mind treatment! It is also possible to book it with a friend (see private group, maximum 2/write me for 3). I'll welcome you in my house in a unique space of Amsterdams' nature, just a 15 minutes metroride from Waterlooplein (center). You will be amazed by the nature so close to the center. We'll start with a cup of herbal tea to warm up the heart & body. We will briefly introduce ourselves and I’ll ask some questions about you in order to have some preliminary information which will help me during the treatment. The first part consists of some meditation, breath inhalation, body exercises or stillness, the second part can be a massage for the feet, tips for a selfmassage or a short standing massage. We will end the session with a cup of tea and a healthy snack. The treatment and environment will leave you feeling lighter and relaxed, ready to discover A'dam again! If you want I can give you plenty tips about what to do now in the city in this time of corona. Just ask! Other things to note You can choose for a therapeutic massage with clothes on or I can do it directly on the skin. You are welcome to bring a friend, partner, familymember! If you don't see a date/time that works for you, feel free to reach out.
    No Cena:€49 par personu
  • City walk Out with a local
    We're going to walk trough the historical centre of Gouda. I will show you the most interesting spots and tell you all I know about the monumental buildings, the people and the history of the city. I don't sugarcoat things, so I will not only tell you about the beautiful but also about the bad or weird things that happened here. This tour is also very beautiful in the evening.
    No Cena:€10 par personu
  • Utrecht Kayak Tour
    Enjoy Utrecht at it's best! By kayak we will navigate the famous Old Canal with its vibrant 'wharves'. Along the way I'll tell you all about the fascinating history of this town. This kayaktour is a one-of-a-kind experience! The kayaktour starts at the Domsquare/Domplein. From there we'll have a guided 15 min. walk to the kayaks. After boarding you will navigate the green and lush ring canal. Halfway there is a stop at a nice bar. A drink is included in the price. After the break we paddle through the famous Old Canal; the lively heart of the city of Utrecht. During the tour I’ll tell you everything you’d like to know about the history of Utrecht and Dutch culture. I’m looking forward meeting you! This unique kayaktour will be a relaxing and joyful experience that you’ll never forget. Other things to note The Domsquare is 10 min. walk from the Central station If you come by car, use a parking-lot. There is few parking space on the street. If rain is pouring down, we can try to re-schedule the tour. I will also offer an alternative, such as a guided walking tour.
    No Cena:€35 par personu
  • Holland Outdoors Boat Experience
    Join us for a nice day out of town to explore Amsterdam wetlands. Go boating like locals do and experience the magic outside the city center of Amsterdam. We start in a picturesque small village next to the city and head off to the lakes of Vinkenveen ( Amsterdam wetlands ) in the province of Utrecht. A piece of paradise with many small islands minutes away from the city. We sail along beautiful villages and you see the Dutch landscape as "if time stood still" It's a holiday in your holiday and we give you memorable moments that last forever. It's a complete serviced tour with captain and sailor included. As Airbnb super host status we always go for the extra mile. We leave 10:00 from the picturesque location in Ouderkerk a/d Amstel. We provide a complete shuttle service by SUV-car "to" and "from" this location, just 15-20 minutes from the city center. We pick you up from your location in Amsterdam downtown between 08:30-09:30 and at the end of the day between 16:00-16:30 we bring you back to your hotel, airport or cruise terminal. Other things to note Contact me for a pick-up shuttle service from your downtown hotel or a meeting point near Amsterdam Central station. Please bring a large towel, flip flops or sneakers, sunscreen and a happy face to enjoy the day
    No Cena:€125 par personu

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