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    Koronavīrusa (Covid-19) ietekmē pašlaik saņemam daudz pieprasījumu, kā arī mūsu darbinieku skaits ir samazināts. Ja jūsu rezervācija ir paredzēta pēc vairāk nekā 72 stundām, lūdzu, sazinieties ar mums, kad līdz reģistrēšanās brīdim būs atlicis mazāk laika, lai mēs varētu palīdzēt tiem, kuriem tas nepieciešams tūlītēji. Lai mainītu vai atceltu rezervāciju, dodieties uz ceļojumu lapu vai izmitināšanas vadības paneli.

    Airbnb satura politika

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    The following content is never allowed on Airbnb:

    • Content created solely for the purpose of advertising or other commercial content, including company logos, links, or company names
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    Listing titles

    • Listing titles that include information irrelevant to the listing type, style, or experience
    • Listing titles that include symbols or emojis

    Listing or profile pages

    • Listings and profiles that provide fraudulent, false, misleading, or deceptive information

    Community Center

    • Content that is off-topic, doesn’t ask a question, or doesn’t offer knowledge in response to a question as part of a larger discussion
    • Trolling or repeatedly targeting community members


    Learn more about Airbnb’s Review Policy.

    • Reviews that are biased and exhibit indications of extortion/incentivization, conflicts of interest, or direct competition
    • Reviews that contain no relevant information about a host or guest, listing, or experience, the review will be removed. Reviews that contain mostly irrelevant information are also subject to removal, but only where the otherwise relevant information would not be expected to meaningfully inform the booking decisions of other community members.

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